Speaking Bio

Brent is the founder and CEO of MoneyVoice. MoneyVoice gives you the right to vote at businesses where you spend money. You install the app, link a payment card, and then every purchase you make earns you one vote at that business. You can express your values and desires by voting for what you want the business to do. This gives people more power to influence businesses because they are able to prove that they are real customers, and they can team up with other customers to pursue shared goals. This is also a faster, easier, and more emotionally-fulfilling way to give businesses feedback. The mission of MoneyVoice is to empower people to have a positive impact every time they spend money. Brent believes MoneyVoice is the best way to drive change in business, because it takes human values and translates them into the financially relevant data that actually drives business decision-making.

Brent previously started and led the global Carrotmob movement. In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people spends money to support a business, and in return the business makes a social/environmental improvement that people care about. After orchestrating the first ever Carrotmob campaign in 2008, Brent built an organization to support the Carrotmob organizers who have organized nearly 300 campaigns and spent over $1 million in over 20 countries. In the words of the NY Times, “The Carrotmob philosophy has extended across America – and the world.”

Brent also founded The Spring, a restaurant loyalty app that helped people use their consumer power as a force for good. He served as a Board Observer for One Block Off The Grid (now NRG Home Solar), a nationwide solar company that works with the largest solar providers in the US to create a single online destination for homeowners who want to explore options for going solar. He co-founded Virgance, an incubator for social enterprises which produced One Block Off The Grid. He has also worked for The Go Game and Google, directed a documentary film, and graduated from Stanford. For fun he serves as a founder and General Partner at Rhyme Combinator, where he is a writer and performer in a theatrical hip hop musical about startups. He lives in an Oakland-based coliving community he helped start.